How much it costs to register it

How much it costs to register it

On this page you will find information on how much it costs to register a “.es” domain through and access information on how much it costs to register it through the various Accredited Registrars.

There are 2 options for registering your domain:


- Option 1: Register your domain through an Accredited Registrar

- Option 2: Register your domain with


Option 1

Register your domain through an Accredited Registrar

Accredited Registrars are responsible for handling the registration and renovation of your domain. They operate within the framework of free competition at low prices, so that each Accredited Registrar sets its own registration and renewal prices.

You can find out their prices by contacting them directly or on their websites. Go to the list of Accredited Registrars , where you will find their contact information.

Accredited Registrars offer a series of additional benefits and value added services, such as:

  Server hosting

  Website templates and creation

  Email address

  Registration of patents, etc.

Option 2

Register your domain with

Direct registration is only available for very specific situations that do not require intermediaries due to special circumstances. Direct registration through only provides the domain name, with no additional services.

Due to these special conditions, the price is higher than those of Accredited Registrars and is regulated by an instruction on rates.

Domain rates

If you decide to register your “.es” domain through, the current annual rates for domains, including VAT, are shown below:

Domains that are assigned automatically

Type of domain Cost of registration Cost of renewal
.es 33,88€ 33,38€ 14,08€ 14,08€ 14,08€ 14,08€ 14,08€ 14,08€

Domains that require prior verification:

Type of domain Cost of registration Cost of renewal 36,51€ 36,51€ 36,51€ 36,51€

For more information on the rates offered by, go to the Instruction that sets the rates:


Rate Instruction


76,3 KB


Methods of payment for registering a domain with

When you register your “.es” domain with us, you can pay using the PoS (Point of Sale) secure payment gateway.

You can pay online using the following methods:

How can I pay on

Make your payment through the Control Panel.

On entering your username and password, you will enter a private panel from where you can pay to register or renew your domain.

If the operation is authorised, you will receive a message with the domain registration decision attached and your requests for registration or renewal, as appropriate, will change to paid.

In section “3.6.6. Payment Gateway” of the user manual we explain how to make a payment:



User Manual

PDF File

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