Change the Accredited Registrar

Change the Accredited Registrar

In this section you will find information on how to change the manager of your .es domain from one Accredited Registrar to another.

We will also provide you with information on how to terminate an Accredited Registrar and opt for direct management by This process is called Transfer.

How to change your Accredited Registrar

If you would like to have a different Accredited Registrar manage your domain, you must contact the Accredited Registrar you have selected and he will send the transfer request to, which must be approved by the administrative contact person for your domain.

Consult the complete list of Accredited Registrars..

How to terminate the services of my current Accredited Registrar

If you wish to manage your domain directly through and to terminate its management by your current Accredited Registrar, you must access the control panel ,using your ID and password, find the domain in the “My domains” section and select the option “Terminate Registrar”.

For further information about this procedure, please see the User Manual.

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