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On 2 February 2023, the public entity uploaded a new version of the digital platform that manages the ".es" domains.

Among the changes included, the most significant are those that affect the operations of all users, namely.


Two-factor authentication

An extra layer of security is added with a two-factor authentication (2FA) to confirm that the user trying to access the application is legitimate. 

This change will affect all DNS users who already have a manual with the steps to follow in this link.


Strengthening password policy

New rules for end-users and Registrars have been implemented and enforced to avoid the use of weak or predictable passwords that can be compromised by brute force attacks.


- The password must contain 8 characters or more.

- The password must contain at least one digit.

- The password must contain at least one upper case letter.

- The password must contain at least one lower case letter.

- The password must contain at least one special character from among these ~! @#$^&()_- 


Certificates installed in the system within the AutoSignature console


The specifications of the DNS that limited the accepted certificates are deleted. From now on, AutoFirma will directly check whether an entity is accepted, authorised, expired, etc., so any certificate authorised by this platform will be used to access the management tool. 

More information on accepted certificates in: 



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