Why use a “.es” domain?

Why use a “.es” domain?

Having the ".es" means belonging to an important community with a strong identity, a community that is growing day by day with almost two million domains already. The ".es" provides the best chance of being found online, reaching your clients and protecting your brand.

Your .es domain will be found and positioned in a preferential way in search engines, since the .es is in itself a geographic segmenting tool that search engines prioritise.

At present, more and more Spanish companies and individuals or those with links to Spain and the Spanish language or Hispanic culture are registering .es domains.

By choosing a domain we support the economic progress of our country because the money is reinvested in ourselves.

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Benefits of a “.es” domain



The Internet services provided by “.es” domains are associated with Spanish-speaking culture, a factor that is an essential part of these services.



The Internet services identified by ".es" domains are provided by individuals and organisations that have links with Spain, guaranteeing their proximity to Spanish users.

At the same time, Red.es is a Spanish public entity reporting to the Ministry of economic affairs and digital transformation that understands the needs of Internet users who use “.es” domains.

Red.es therefore has a customer support service that answers all requests for information made to telephone no. 902 010 755 or contact form


  More possibilities on Internet search engines

For better positioning on search engines like Google, Yahoo or MSN, it is relatively important for the domain to correspond to a territorial domain, like “.es”.

With a “.es” domain, you will get a strong position on the top search engines.


  Reliability and quality of service

The Register of “.es” domains managed by the Public Corporate Entity Red.es offers a “.es” domain registration service with the normal market standards of reliability and quality.

In addition, at no extra cost, Red.es offers an optional secondary DNS server, to guarantee your presence on the Internet.


  Flexibility and agility

The flexibility of the criteria for registering “.es” domains set out in the National Plan for Internet Domain Names under the country code for Spain “.es” helps to reduce the time needed to register “.es” domains to just minutes, meaning it is almost immediate.



The current rates are very competitive and are actually cheaper than those for other generic domains.

Through our Accredited Registrars, you can find solutions that meet your needs at low prices.