How to register a domain

How to register a domain

Step 1

Check if your domain is available

Search for your ideal domain name and check if it is available:


You must also bear in mind

That they are not pre-assigned.

Go to the domain search 

That it is not on the list of banned terms.

See the list of banned terms 

That the domain must obey the syntax rules.

See the syntax rules 

That it is not on the list of reserved terms.

See the list of reserved terms 

Step 2

Decide which type of domain to request and check if you can request it

Anyone who has links to Spain can apply for an ".es" domain from anywhere in the world:

Types of “.es” domains

Domains that are assigned automatically


To identify your name, your company, your organisation, etc. on the Internet.

Individuals and private enterprises can request them.

For any type of activity, at a very low cost.

Individuals and private enterprises can request them.

To identify your name and your activity on the web.

Only individuals can request them.

To identify your non-profit organisation.

Non-profit organisations, institutions and groups can request them.

Domains that require prior verification

"" and "" domains can only be requested by Public Organisations & Entities and Institutions related to education or research in Spain, respectively. These domains require prior verification, which means that they must registered in at most 24 hours.

These may be requested by organisations, institutions or groups that have activities related with education or research in Spain.

These domains are reserved and may only be requested by public entities and government institutions.


Step 3

Decide with whom to register your domain name


Register a domain through an Accredited Registrar

Accredited Registrars offer competitive prices and simplify the process of managing your domain, as well as offering a series of benefits and added value services.

Your Accredited Registrar will carry out the necessary formalities with on your behalf. Only in exceptional cases will you need to interact with us directly.

At we actively promote the use of Accredited Registrars.

Register a domain through does offer domain registration and management directly, but only for the registration of the domain name, with no added values and at a higher price than those offered by Accredited Registrars

At, we strongly recommend that you contact our Accredited Registrars.

You can register your domain through from the Control Panel.

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