Change the Administrative Contact Person

The administrative contact person is the individual chosen by the holder who has sufficient powers of representation to manage the domain.
In this section we inform you of what you need to do to change the administrative contact person through your Accredited Registrar or

Changing the administrative contact person through an Accredited Registrar

If the “.es” domain is managed by an Accredited Registrar, you must contact them so that they can change the administrative contact person.

Find the contact information of your Accredited Registrar on the list of Accredited Registrars.

Changing the administrative contact person through

If your “.es” domain is managed directly by, the holder or the administrative contact person associated with the domain can request this change.

To request the change, you must log on to the control panel using your ID and password, locate the domain in the “My domains” section and select the option “Edit domain”.

It should be noted that, in accordance with the Regulations, the data registered for ".es" domains must be accurate and truthful, in particular those of the administrative contact. Otherwise, can initiate a cancellation procedure for the domain name.

Electronic DNI/Certificate

You need a digital certificate such as the electronic DNI (DNIe) or one issued by one of the following certification authorities.

List of recognised Certification Authorities

  • AC Camerfirma Certificados Camerales
  • AC Camerfirma Express Corporate Server v3
  • ANCERT Certificados Notariales Corporativos
  • ANCERT Certificados Notariales
  • ANCERT Certificados Notariales Personales
  • ANCERT Certificados CGN
  • ANCERT Certificados FERN
  • ANCERT Certificados para empleados
  • ANCERT Corporaciones de Derecho Público
  • ANCERT Certificados para Corporaciones de Derecho Publico
  • ANCERT Corporativos Personales V2
  • ANCERT Corporativos de Sistemas V2
  • ANCERT Certificados para empleados V2
  • ANCERT Certificados Notariales Corporativos V2
  • ANCERT Certificados Notariales V2
  • ANCERT Certificados Redes Privadas V2
  • ANCERT Corporaciones de Derecho Publico Personales V2
  • ANCERT Corporaciones de Derecho Publico de Sistemas V2
  • ANCERT Certificados Notariales Personales V2
  • ANCERT Certificados Notariales de Sistemas V2
  • ANCERT Certificados FERN V2
  • ANCERT Certificados CGN V2
  • ANCERT Corporaciones de Derecho Publico V2
  • Chambers of Commerce Root
  • PSC Banesto Root
  • PSC Banesto Clientes
  • CA E.P.E. RED.ES
  • Autoridad de Certificación de la Abogacía
  • ACA - Certificados Corporativos
  • Root CA Generalitat Valenciana
  • ACCV-CA1
  • ACCV-CA2
  • AC DNIE 001
  • AC DNIE 002
  • EC-ACC
  • EC-IDCat
  • EC-AL
  • EC-AL
  • EC-UR
  • EC-URV
  • AC Firmaprofesional - CA1
  • FNMT Clase 2 CA

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