Our Accredited Registrars

Our Accredited Registrars

Accredited Registrars are entities certified by Dominios.es to carry out any procedures associated with registering ".es" domains. They advise end users, streamline the formalities and offer a variety of additional services.

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Functions and services of Accredited Registrars

Accredited Registrars provide a wide range of additional services, such as websites, e-mail and patents and marks, in addition to the registration and management of your domain. The following are the Accredited Registrars' main functions:

Represent applicants before Dominios.es in the assignment and renewal of “.es” domains.

Advise applicants for domains who commission their services and carry out any steps that may be required of them in this regard.

Process applications for the assignment and renewal of “.es” domains.

Any other function related to the assignment and renewal of domains that are entrusted to them by Dominios.es.

Additional services from Accredited Registrars

The main additional services offered by Accredited Registrars are listed below. They are all guaranteed to be entities that are duly accredited by Dominios.es. In addition, they offer more competitive prices than registering directly through Dominios.es


  Website content management and/or online shopping carts

  E-mail boxes linked to your domain

  Redirection of e-mail accounts and domains

  Cloud servers and services

  Applications, administrative processing and advice on patents and marks

List of Accredited Registrars

123 DOMAIN.EU 123 DOMAIN.EU Country Alemania Contact info@123domain.eu · +49 231 9742543

Activity description:

123domain.eu is a quality partner for world-wide domain management. Our offer covers the registration of all available top level domains (TLDs), which our customers can access through a standardised interface. 123domain.eu maintains a world-wide network of register accreditations and obtains the domain names for its customers directly from the registers in their respective countries.

Additional services:

Of course, 123domain.eu also offers additional services with the same levels of quality, care and reliability as in its domain management business: hosting/housing, e-mail certificates and SSL (Security Sockets Layer) certificates.


Contact details:
Emil-Figge-Str. 76-80
44227 Dortmund
Fax: +49 231 9742544
1API 1API GMBH Country Alemania Contact info@1api.net · +49 6841-6984-200 Web http://www.1api.net

Activity description:

1API GmbH is one of the main domain name registrars in Europe and is known as one of the foremost domain name platform developers in the world. With more than 400,000 managed domains, 1API is growing rapidly and is becoming the preferred registration platform for many resellers and registrars. 1API customers are accustomed to exceptional engineering operations through an exceptional service with continuous innovations, including the first EPP 1.0 cc TLD service in the industry. 1API is an accredited registrar for all gTLDs (generic top level domains), including: .Com, .Net, .Org, .Info, .Biz, .Mobi, .Pro, .Name and .Asia, as well as more than 80 cc TLDs.

Additional services:

1API registrar services are resold exclusively through the parent company, HEXONET GmbH, which provides access to 1API through both XIRCA or RegistrarOC (Operations Centre). XIRCA is a multilevel reseller system, not only for reselling domains but also other Internet services such as DNS, SSL certificates and virtual servers. RegistrarOC (Operations Centre) is for registrars who already have their own TLD accreditation and who want to partially or fully outsource their registration infrastructure to reduce costs and improve performance, reliability and scalability. 1API was founded in 2007 and has its headquarters in Hamburg, Saarland, Germany.
Contact details:
Talstrasse 27
66424 - Homburg, Saarland
Fax: +49 6841-6984-299



abansys ABANSYS Country España Contact info@abansys.com · +34 902 999 019 Web https://www.abansys.com

Activity description:

Abansys is an Internet service provider, a pioneer in Spain and founded in 2001. Since then holds a strong position in the Spanish market of Internet services for businesses and individuals. Enjoy a great experience in Domain Registration and Web Hosting. Has the category of Registrar Accredited by ICANN, EURid, ESNIC ... It has advanced tools that provide customers with full autonomy in the management and administration of domains, all of which further backed up by high quality and speed of customer service. It has a specialized division called Hostytec, aimed at professionals and companies who want to resell all white-label services, which are inscribed around 2000.

Additional services:

Abansys has a wide range of Internet services that range from the most basic to the most demanding, always offering competitive prices with the best value for money. The main services offered by Abansys include: - High Quality Web Hosting - Dedicated Servers - Housing - Marketing of Plesk control panels - Web design and Web Application Development - High search engine, SEO, and Internet Advertising Campaigns - Marketing of Security Certificates Thawte and Geotrust.
Contact details:
Parque Tecnológico. 46980 Paterna 
ACENS TECHNOLOGIES S.L. ACENS TECHNOLOGIES Country España Contact info@acens.es · 900 103 293 Web http://www.acens.es

Activity description:

Acens is a leader in the field of "Hosting", "Housing and telecommunications solutions for the corporate market, covering from small to large business plans. Its client base is over 100,000 businesses and has two Data Centers with over 6,000 square meters.

Additional services:

We currently offer a wide range of services ranging from web hosting solutions for VPN (Virtual Private Network) with "outsourcing" of servers, applications and output transitions to the Internet. Acens manages over 200,000 Internet domains, has professionals with extensive experience and a continuous schedule of 24 hours a day.
Contact details:
C/ San Rafael, 14
Polígono Industrial de Alcobendas
28108 Alcobendas
MADRID (España)


ALGORITHMEDIA ALGORITHMEDIA Country Italia Contact network@algorithmedia.com · +39 0131 232089

Activity description:

Algorithmedia srl was founded in 2012 in Alessandria - Italy - with the aim of creating and using new algorithms and technologies for web advertising and maximizing performance.
From January 2013 to today coverage is at European level. The development of technologies and the acquisition and recovery of domains with results guaranteed by directly tested experiences is consolidated and continues.
We currently manage over 25,000 domains with a target of 75,000 by 2018.


Additional services:

Through a proprietary platform, in basic mode, DNS registration and management services are completely free as well as tools for the group management of domain name group, consultancy for recovery services and expired domain names.
Contact details:
Algorithmedia srl
Corso V. Marini, 23
ALMOUROLTEC ALMOUROLTEC Country España Contact info@ptisp.es · 902 757 066 Web https://ptisp.es/

Activity description:

PTisp is a company founded in 2001. It is a hosting provider with data centers in Madrid and Lisbon. With a robust network and connection to multiple Tier 1 operators, we host more than 800 servers and manage over 40,000 domains. Accredited by several companies, with a wide range of services and 24x7x365 support, we are the best choice for hosting your web platforms.

Additional services:

With data center and infrastructure in Madrid our services include Linux and Windows shared hosting, domain registration, cloud servers, dedicated servers, VPS, SSL certificates, among others. We design and implement tailored to the needs of all customers accompanied by a permanent technical support service.
Accredited by the RIPE NCC, Online Trust Association, Association EURid, DNS.PT, also we are official partner of cPanel, Plesk, R1Soft, SpamExperts, Microsoft, CloudLinux, GlobalSign, among others.


Contact details:
Almouroltec dba PTisp
Calle Caléndula, 93.
Edificio E - Miniparc III.
28109 - La Moraleja
ALOJALIA ALOJALIA Country España Contact info@alojalia.com · 900 69 68 29 Web https://www.alojalia.com

Since 2003, we have been putting you all the necessary tools at your fingertips so that you can develop your project on internet in the best possible conditions.

Currently, more than 2000 customers like you trust us and every day we are more, which allow us to grow and improve to bring you always the latest technology.

In Addition, we are continually forming ourselves and evolving to help you. We work with the standards of HP, Mikrotik, Dell, Microsoft, Xen, Lpic and many others.

Contact details:

Nombre comercial: ALOJALIA

Avenida Federico Anaya, 52

37004 – Salamanca



AppDetex APPDETEX Country Estados Unidos Contact info@appdetex.com · +1 (855) 693-3839 Web https://www.appdetex.com

Activity description:


AppDetex helps brand owners, app developers and intellectual property experts tackle the ever-changing and time consuming process of online detection, assessment, domain management and enforcement of online infringements. AppDetex makes domain name research, monitoring, and management of hundreds of new and legacy TLDs easier than ever, for even the largest portfolios.


Additional services:


AppDetex's Corporate Registrar Platform is uniquely designed to help its customers protect their most valuable online assets. AppDetex’s secure, state of the art software helps them protect their domain name portfolio with leading-edge security software to secure, control, and manage the domain portfolio. AppDetex's expert team helps customers through the registrar accreditation process and as well as the implementation of the platform software.


AppDetex's global solutions are used by some of the world’s leading companies to combat misuse of their intellectual property across the Internet and through the management and protection of their valuable domain portfolios.

Contact details:
609 W. Main Street Suite 202
Boise, ID 83702
Fax: +1 (855) 780-8991
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