Accessing and changing data

Accessing and changing data

In this section you will find information about how to access the control panel, how to change contact details and how to retrieve access to the control panel if you cannot get in using your e-mail or password.

Accessing your control panel

Direct registration through only provides the domain name and, because of its particular conditions, comes at a higher price, regulated by internal instruction.

To manage your domain using you can access the system in one of two ways via the Log in page:

  1. 1. Entering your identifier and password, which were assigned when you registered through
  2. 2. Authenticate yourself with your DNIe/certificate, having previously associated your DNIe/certificate with your identifier.

If you have not registered, you can register here.

Changing contact details

If you are the holder or the administrative contact person, technical or invoicing contact for an “.es” domain name and you want to update contact details (telephone, postal address and password, etc), you need to edit your profile as follows:

  1. 1. Access the Control Panel indicating your IDENTIFIER and PASSWORD.
  2. 2. Once logged in, you will see the “Edit” option on the orange bar at the top.

All changes are made automatically, except for changes requested in the “Name” and/or “NIF/NIE” fields, which must be reviewed by the Registry.

For further information about this procedure, please check the User Manual .

Password retrieval

If you cannot remember your password, you can retrieve it on the web site by inputting your identifier on the password renewal page.

You will immediately receive a message with the link to renew the password and activate it in the e-mail account associated with the contact.

If you don’t know your contact identifier, you can look it up on our web site via the home page putting the domain name in the search space available, clicking on the “Search” button and, when the domain is shown, clicking again on “Registered. See Data”.

Inaccessible e-mail address

If you are the holder, the administrative contact person, or technical or invoicing contact of an ".es" domain and you cannot access the e-mail associated with your contact, you can change it by accessing the control panel with your identifier and password and editing your profile.

For further information about this procedure, please check the User Manual.


If, in addition to not being able to access your e-mail, you cannot access the control panel because you have forgotten the password, there is another option that guarantees the change will be made securely:

  1. 1. Access the edit e-mail page.
  2. 2. Enter the contact identifier you wish to change and the new e-mail address you want to associate with it.
  3. 3. Identify yourself in one of the following ways:
  4. 4. By Electronic DNI/Certificate. (*)
  5. 5. Photocopy of DNI or other proof of identity.

These changes will be made immediately, except for exceptional cases that must be reviewed and approved by our operators.

For further information about this procedure, please check the  User Manual.




(*) Electronic DNI/Certificate

You need a digital certificate such as the electronic DNI (DNIe) or one issued by one of the following certification authorities:

List of recognised Certification Authorities

  • AC Camerfirma Certificados Camerales
  • AC Camerfirma Express Corporate Server v3
  • ANCERT Certificados Notariales Corporativos
  • ANCERT Certificados Notariales
  • ANCERT Certificados Notariales Personales
  • ANCERT Certificados CGN
  • ANCERT Certificados FERN
  • ANCERT Certificados para empleados
  • ANCERT Corporaciones de Derecho Público
  • ANCERT Certificados para Corporaciones de Derecho Publico
  • ANCERT Corporativos Personales V2
  • ANCERT Corporativos de Sistemas V2
  • ANCERT Certificados para empleados V2
  • ANCERT Certificados Notariales Corporativos V2
  • ANCERT Certificados Notariales V2
  • ANCERT Certificados Redes Privadas V2
  • ANCERT Corporaciones de Derecho Publico Personales V2
  • ANCERT Corporaciones de Derecho Publico de Sistemas V2
  • ANCERT Certificados Notariales Personales V2
  • ANCERT Certificados Notariales de Sistemas V2
  • ANCERT Certificados FERN V2
  • ANCERT Certificados CGN V2
  • ANCERT Corporaciones de Derecho Publico V2
  • Chambers of Commerce Root
  • PSC Banesto Root
  • PSC Banesto Clientes
  • CA E.P.E. RED.ES
  • Autoridad de Certificación de la Abogacía
  • ACA - Certificados Corporativos
  • Root CA Generalitat Valenciana
  • ACCV-CA1
  • ACCV-CA2
  • AC DNIE 001
  • AC DNIE 002
  • EC-ACC
  • EC-IDCat
  • EC-AL
  • EC-AL
  • EC-UR
  • EC-URV
  • AC Firmaprofesional - CA1
  • FNMT Clase 2 CA

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