Instruction for Special Cancellation Procedure


The National Domain Names Plan includes that an ".es" domain name applicant to provide identification data, being responsible that the data provided are correct, truthful and updated at all times.

This criteria for assigning ".es" domain names must also guarantee a suitable balance between the legal trust and security needed to carry out e-commerce and other services and activities by electronic means, and the flexibility and agility required to satisfy the demand for assigning ".es" domain names.

The previous paragraph translates into the obligation on an ".es" domain name applicant to provide, amongst others, their full name or social denomination, a valid e-mail address, their VAT, ID or other equivalent official identification document. All ".es" domain name applicant must provide truthful and accurate data when registering a Dominion name.

To verify compliance with this assignment condition, the ".es" Domain Registry, through, has signed collaboration agreements with various public entities in order to perform analysis and segmentation of those ".es" domain names on which there are reliable indications of inaccuracy/falsification of your registration data. Those domains in which this type of errors or omissions have been detected, the following process will be carried out:

1º) Contact the Registrar who manages the domain name, the owner and the Administrative Contact Person (ACP) informing that they have a maximum of 3 calendar days period to correct the deficiencies found in the registration data of the domain name.

In the case that the domain name has been registered without Registrar, the release will be sent to the owner and the Administrative Contact of the domain name informing the errors detected.

In this period any of the parties listed can make the necessary changes that are required in the registration data since the domain name will not be blocked and no measures will be taken to restrict its use.

2º) In the case that no corrections are made in the domain name registration within the 3 calendar day period, a Special Cancellation Procedure will be initiated on the domain name.

Once the Special Cancellation Procedure has started, the domain name owner or the Administrative Contact must correct the identified error and make the allegations that it deems appropriate to verify that the domain name data are truthful and accurate.

It is important to emphasize that this procedure does not allow to change the domain owner (in other words, to transfer it) but demonstrate, once the erroneous information had been corrected, that the registration data of a domain name are truthful and accurate.


How does the domain name holder submit supporting documents to defend their current assignment status?