Activity description:

Nexica provides secure IT infrastructure in the cloud, systems management solutions and IT outsourcing: public, private and hybrid cloud, in our data centres and on-premise.

Founded in 1996, Nexica, of Econocom Group, is known for its proximity to the customer, the security of its solutions and the robustness of its data centers in Barcelona, Madrid and Marseille (France).


Additional services:

Our data centers are in Barcelona, Madrid and Marseille (France), thus guaranteeing your data hosted in Nexica and the services replicated by redundancy. Always hire the infrastructure you need and pay only for the one you use every second. We have high availability, agility in the provision and elasticity. We have the most demanding security measures to guarantee the operation of your 24x7 business. We have the strict Cisco Powered CMSP Advance certifications in IaaS (infrastructure as a service) and DaaS (desks as a service). We offer cloud for Oracle and SAP, DRS, backup, Anti-DDoS, managed services, etc.