Activity description:

Nerion is a Spanish multinational company with presence specialized in providing all web hosting and cloud services. Our mission for over 18 years, is providing server infrastructure in a simple, safe and reliable way. The best technology and the way we do things, typical of a company despite growing focus on maintaining the family atmosphere that has characterized it since its inception.
So Nerion offers both standardized services and the ability to customize the infrastructure to suit the needs of each customer and utility.

Additional services:

Hosting Services: Our system allows hosting hosting from simple websites to e-commerce environments, or based on CMS platforms (WordPress, Joomla, etc.) and have email accounts under your own domain name.
To ensure maximum performance, availability and quality of services shared web hosting, we provide web services and email in different servers. To do this, we use dedicated exclusively to the service mail servers. Our email service provides users of Microsoft Exchange own characteristics.
Cloud Services: Servers offering the power and capacity of a dedicated server, but with the flexibility and scalability that enables a virtualized structure: resources tailored to the needs of the moment, increase or decrease the resources independently, CPU, RAM, space, transfer to adjust the characteristics of each project.
Thus the hardware obsolescence issues related to dedicated server options are settled without diminishing the customization options in installed software.