Activity description: is an international company specialising in the registration and protection of domain names, with a presence in major countries in America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania. is backed by extensive experience, serving clients around the world and providing efficient, reliable, comprehensive and tailor-made services, offering detailed information on the status of each service, in addition to prepayment systems, secure servers and a strict privacy policy, along with a 24 hour response capacity, service in several languages and a good price-quality relationship. With a presence in most countries, it is able to keep the number of intermediaries and the cost of each service to a minimum.

Additional services: is a company specialising in all aspects of trademark registration and protection, with a presence in major countries worldwide. employs expert intellectual property lawyers in each country, who attend personally to all the different requests for services. Additional services include: Hosting services, such as statistics, e-mail accounts (webmail, catch-all, autoresponders) and forwarding accounts. DNS A-Host/MX/CNAME. Providing local contacts, incorporation of companies and trademark registration, if necessary for the registration of the domain. Accounts that are easy to manage, in which clients can manage and monitor their domain portfolio, check renewal dates, change and redirect DNS. Advance notice to clients for renewal of the domain, in order to ensure ownership rights. Access to information regarding regulations and restrictions concerning domain registrations in different countries.