Activity description:

In 2000, IP Mirror was incorporated as an Intellectual Assets Management company to manage the online assets of our clients. We are known and trusted for the provision of Domain Name Registration services, and that remains at the core of what we do. As global domain name experts, we possess a wealth of experience and have tools at our disposal to assist you in the protection and management of your online brand through: - Domain Name Audit and Investigation - Domain Name Recovery - Domain Name Portfolio Management - Safest Whois Protection Service.

Additional services:

We are a one-stop service provider with a reliable online system that allows us to provide value-for-money in whichever region within Asia you wish to establish your brand. Our industry associations, accreditations, and commitment to quality service standards ensure that we understand your specific business needs in different regions of Asia. Above all, we are dedicated to safeguarding and protecting your brand in the online sphere.