• Configurable web pages and page creation tools
    Option of configuring your own web page, as well as providing you with the necessary tools to create and edit web pages.
  • Management of the DNS associated with your domain
    Technical management of the domain name servers.
  • E-mail accounts associated with your domain
    E-mail accounts corresponding to the domain in question.
  • Redirecting for both e-mail accounts and domains
    Message forwarding to the selected e-mail account
  • Multi-domain web hosting
    Hosting of domains and all associated services, with tools for managing them online.
  • Virtual servers
    Creation and maintenance of servers with maximum hosting capacity
  • Dedicated servers (chat, forums, etc.)
    Implementation of the servers required to develop and manage specific services with heavy resource requirements, such as chat, IRC, forums, etc.
  • Web portals
    Development and management of all resources necessary to create and launch a portal offering a wide variety of online services.
  • Registration in search engines
    Publication of your web page or associated services in different search engines.
  • Application, administrative processing and granting of all types of Industrial Property rights
    Distinctive signs (trademarks, trade names, signs) and inventions (patents, utility models, industrial models and designs)
And all this with the assurance that comes from knowing that they are accredited by Red.es.
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