Activity description:

Interoute owns the largest new generation network (NGN) with pan-European coverage, covering London to Warsaw, and from Stockholm to Sicily, reaching even the new emerging economies of the continent such as Turkey, with nine submarine cable mooring stations bordering the entire periphery of the European continent. To the west, our network connects with the main telecommunications node in North America. To the east, it connects with Asia through Hong Kong and links the Middle East with Europe through Dubai. To the south, all of Africa, from Cape Town to Tunis, is directly connected to Europe through Interoute.

Backed by 67,000 kilometers of fiber, 24 metropolitan networks, 12 data centers for hosting, 17 virtual data centers and 31 shared hosting centers for equipment (colocation), and with local presence in 124 cities and 30 countries, we serve our customers in the 15 most spoken languages of the European Union.

Additional services:

Interoute offers a unified platform for computer and communications services, which we have called Unified ICT, which integrates connectivity, communications and hosting services in a single infrastructure that reduces costs and guarantees the highest degree of security, performance and efficiency.

This is what has made Interoute a key player in the value chain of digital services in Europe, where we provide services to all the main national operators, in addition to making possible more than 1,000 million euros in electronic commerce transactions of our corporate clients through our network. Recognized year after year as the main European provider of transmission and bandwidth services, having implemented cloud services throughout the coverage area of our European network reinforces our prestige within the market every day.