Activity description:

Comvive Servidores is a company comprising highly qualified technical experts with extensive experience in online activities and new technologies, whose main objective is to meet the needs of a wide range of webmasters by providing them with domain registration, hosting and development of web applications, delivering consistently high levels of quality and service to our clients at all times.

Additional services:

Comvive Servidores is able to offer the most technologically advanced dedicated servers, with software configurations optimised for each machine to meet the specific needs of each client. Our goal is to have the capacity to respond to the most demanding and diverse services required by the new information age. All of our servers are continuously monitored online. Any service failures are detected immediately. This allows us to repair problems in record time. Comvive Servidores offers its clients an SMS platform with a personal Premium number, which can be used for mass mailings, as well as for the webmaster services we offer (micropayments, access control). Our commitment is to innovation and to providing the best service.