- The winners include institutional and media portals, consumer product websites and even private webpages

- There are currently over 1.1 million .es domains registered in Spain, exceeding the number of .com sites to become the domain of choice for Spanish Internet users
- Google awarded a special prize of one thousand dollars worth of free advertising in its Google AdWords programme to the small and medium sized enterprise Grupo Ansareo AEB, S.L. owners of the www.meaztegigolf.es website
Madrid, 18 November 2009. During the second day of FICOD 09 the Ministry of Industry¿s State Secretariat for Telecommunications and the Information Society, through red.es, presented the prizes to the winners of the "best .es websites" competition, organised to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of .es domains. The prize-giving ceremony was attended by representatives from the winning sites, together with accredited registrars and members of the public attending the Forum.
The prizes reward the work of individuals and companies in promoting the Information Society in Spain. The jury, chaired by red.es¿ general director Sebastián Muriel, considered such factors as accessibility, innovation, representativeness, Internet development support, number of visitors or creativity in their evaluation of the close to 100 websites that entered the competition.
During the prize-giving ceremony, red.es¿ general director Sebastián Muriel said that "many things have happened over the past 20 years, and they can all be found at .es", adding that "everything that happens from now on will also have a place in .es domains."
Google also awarded the SME Grupo Ansareo AEB, S.L., owners of the www.meaztegigolf.es website a special prize of one thousand dollars worth of free advertising in its Google AdWords programme, which enables companies to advertise their webpage on their search engine.
List of winners:
Twenty years of .es domains
What is now known as the .es domain was first conceived in 1989, although it was not until 1991 that the Instituto de Estudios Catalanes and the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias, still operational at that time, first registered their websites under a .es domain. Since then the popularity of .es domains has grown enormously and there are now number over 1,100,000, making .es the domain of choice for Spanish Internet users, in preference to .com domains.
However, the real ".es boom" took place after 2005. This was the year that the National Domain Names Plan was approved, which enabled any citizen to register the ".es" of their choice, without the name having to correspond to their real name or that of their company, thus streamlining and lowering the cost of this type of registration. Following the implementation of this measure the number of ".es" registrations grew considerably, going from 298,600 (in 2005) to the over one million domains currently registered. The number of registrations reached the one million mark on 11 July 2008 with the registration filed by the CNSE (Spanish National Confederation of the Deaf) Foundation for the Suspension of Communication Barriers.
Another important development in the history of ".es" domains occurred in 2007, when it was authorised to include the special characters used in all the official languages of Spain. This led to the appearance of the "ñ", the cedilla, la double "l", or the insertion of accents or dieresis in the urls of ".es" websites.
About red.es
Red.es is the Public Corporate Entity, attached to the State Secretariat for Telecommunications and the Information Society within the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade (MITyC), that has been entrusted with carrying out specific projects to develop the Information Society, and to work with regional, provincial and local authorities and the private sector on issues of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).
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