We are scheduling an update on the system for expanding the compatible browsers to manage the actions which need an electronic signature (please check the list on the following website: https://asf.demo.red.es/websigner). This procedure will take place next Wednesday 5th March 2014 at 8pm and will last until 6th March at 4am.

During this time, these functionalities will not be available through our Dominios.es website:

  • Transmissions, cancellations and any contact modification made using DNIe or electronic certificate.
  • Authentication using DNIe or electronic certificate.

Once this updating process is completed, it will be necessary that you update Websigner. For this purpose, you must run the browser under administrator permissions and install the files listed in the following path: https://asf.demo.red.es/websigner. For following runs you may use standard user permissions.

If you are not sure if you have administrator permissions, when launching Websigner with your usual browser the application will give you a message like this: "The component has not been properly installed, please restart the process (you must run as administrator)". In order to run the browser as administrator, you must right-click on the executable of the browser and select the option "Run as administrator".