The statistics on the “.es” top level domain for April show that of 3,451,863 total domain names registered in Spain, more than half of them, 50.04%, are “.es”. There are now 1,727,169 of this type of domain, one that is clearly identified with Spain and the Spanish language. This is half a million more than the “.com” domains, which rank second at 35.29%, over fourteen percentage points lower. They are followed by “.net” (4.61%), “.org” (3.13%), “.eu” (3.09%), “.cat” (2.17%), “.info” (1.28%) and “.biz” domains (0.38%).

The top level domain “.es”, managed by the state-owned company (Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism), is divided into different subdomains. The basic “.es” domains represent the majority, with a total of 1,619,141 (93.74%). These are followed by “” (85,663), “” (14,862), “” (6,642), “” (555) and “” domains (425). The last two are exclusively used by government entities and educational institutions, respectively.

In April a total of 34,704 new “.es” domain names were registered and 27,873 were deregistered. In other words, new “.es” domains increased by 6,831.

Most “.es” domains are managed through accredited registrars. At present, there are 101 qualified to manage the “.es” TLD.

The monthly statistics published on the portal are drawn up using data taken from the databases of;, a company that gathers statistical data on TLDs (Top-Level Domains) by country;, a register that manages the “.eu” top level domain; and the CAT Foundation, which manages “.cat” domains.