Next 28th May, the domain portal ".es" will replace the current SSL certificate for a new one, with a key length of 2048 bits and SHA-256 algorithm. With this update, will improve its portal protection and increase the security of established connections with the website. 

In certain cases, some of the navigators may prevent direct access as the new SSL certificate issuing authority is not yet included as a trusted entity.  In such cases, the first time the portal is accessed, a warning will appear that the page is not secure.  The user just has to agree to access the page.

This situation is due to the changes carried out by the FNMT (Royal Mint of Spain), which has replaced its root certificate and will have to be uploaded as a trusted certification body in the navigators which are used to access ".es" domains.

The users will have a manual available to configure the Firefox and Safari navigators, and correctly access the ".es" domain portals.