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The Assignation Authority for “.es” domain names is going to revoke the accreditation of three Registrar Agents (Chivalges, Siosi and DocumentData), for failing to fulfil the contract signed with Red.s. From 3 March 2015 on, said Registrar Agents will not be able to mediate in the assignation of new “.es” domain names. However, in order to cause the least possible setback to the affected domain name holders, the actual withdrawal will be deferred to 3 April 2025.


In the framework of 37 Law/2007, of November 16, concerning re-usage of public sector information (henceforward “37Law/2007), the service to access to “.es” domain name list is already available. This service enables carrying out the “.es” domain name list download. Moreover, in those cases in which the holder is a legal entity, it will be included the holder data together with its Identity Number – as long as this number correction has been confirmed. This folder update will be monthly made.