An agreement between and the National Library of Spain allows the massive collection of web content under ".es"

An agreement between and the National Library of Spain allows the massive collection of web content under ".es"


Thanks to an agreement with the Secretary of State for Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence, through the public entity, the National Library of Spain (BNE for its acronym in Spanish) has just concluded the seventh massive collection of websites under ".es", the top-level domain linked to our country and which also represents our language, culture and evolution.


The collection process, as reported by the BNE, proved to be a complex challenge at a technical level, which involved collecting web content from some of the nearly 2 million registered ".es" domains over 21 days, which is about 71 TB of information.


The Archive of the Spanish Web, managed by the BNE, complements these massive collections of content under the ".es", with other collections that are carried out on a selection of some 50,000 Spanish websites, which, regardless of the top-level domain they use, are considered of particular historical, social or cultural importance, and therefore their content is collected with greater depth and frequency.


The BNE also takes into account specific topical issues, such as climate change, feminism or video games. Content from more than 7,000 websites related to the Coronavirus pandemic are saved; elections such as those of Castilla y León or Andalusia are covered in a special way; without leaving aside celebrations of social and vindictive importance such as March 8, International Women's Day, or LGBTQIA+ Pride.


Without this work, many of the content generated massively and continuously on the Internet would be lost forever, which would hinder the study of our society by current and future citizens and researchers.


All the information kept in the Spanish Web Archive can be consulted through computer terminals located in the different rooms of the BNE, as well as from the regional libraries, with the incorporation of new access points in Asturias, the Canary Islands and Catalonia. and the management of ".es" Domains


The BNE focuses its documentary archive on websites under ".es" due to its relationship with Spain as opposed to others such as ".com" or ".net"., as the entity in charge of managing ".es", adopts measures to ensure that it is a quality domain that is secure, reliable, easy to acquire and renew, economically competitive and offering value-added services, and, above all, a reference on the Internet for content in Spanish, a language spoken by more than 400 million people in the world.


More information on the website of the National Library of Spain.