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dominios ".es" communication regarding the letters allegedly sent in the name of the registro internet de España (Spanish internet registry)

During the last few months the Public Corporate Entity has detected a number of letters being sent in the name of the "Registro Internet de España" (Spanish Internet Registry) to the holders of ".es" domain names, asking these holders to update their basic details and offering them the chance to propose three key search words with which they can be located in a Registry self-named "Registro Internet de España" (Spanish Internet Registry) which uses the website These services are offered at a price of 958 euros per year. With regard to these letters, wishes to make the following statement:

  •, as the Assignment Authority for the Registration of domain names under the Spanish country code ".es", is not responsible for sending these letters and is in no way connected to the Registry self-named "Registro Internet de España" or the website
  • The entity responsible for these letters is DAD Deutscher Adressdienst GmbH, based in Hamburg (Germany), Weidestraße 126, post code 22083, an entity which is not a certified registrar authorised by and with which has and has never had any kind of relationship whatsoever.
  • Deutscher Adressdienst GmbH is making an offer of services which are in no way related to the registration of ".es" domain names managed by, since the updating of details for an ".es" domain name is a service which can only be provided by the certified registrars authorised by or by itself, in which case the service is free of charge.
  • The wording of these letters being sent by Deutscher Adressdienst GMBH is confusing and, in a tortuous manner, misleads by using the name "Registro de Internet de España".
  • recommends that holders of ".es" domain names do not respond to these letters unless they are interested in the particular services being offered by Deutscher Adressdienst GMBH and if they receive this type of missive they should bring it to the attention of at the e-mail address