Information Bulletin on GVC Domains

Information Bulletin on GVC Domains


The assignment of domain names under the country code ".es" subject to industrial property rights, upon completion of the legal proceedings between the Public Corporate Entity and the GVC domain.

The Public Corporate Entity announces, now that the judicial proceedings between and GVC have come to a conclusion and given the existence of domain names subject to industrial property rights involved in these proceedings, that the legitimate owners of the industrial property rights for these domain names have the opportunity of proceeding to register them, as outlined below.

In this way, it is possible to request the assignment of domain names specified in the following Appendix, provided that applicants are in possession of industrial property rights for names that closely match those appearing in the list of domain names in the Appendix.

For this purpose, two forms have been created for registering domain names:

  1. UF Form: applications for domain names managed by end users.
  2. AR Form: applications for domain names managed by Accredited Registrars.

After the industrial property rights held by the applicants have been verified, applications for the assignment of domain names will be processed in strict order of receipt, in accordance with the provisions of Article Five and Section One of Article Nine of ORDER ITC/1542/2005 of 19 May, which approves the National Plan for Internet Domain Names under the country code corresponding to Spain (“.es”).

The deadline established for receiving applications for assignments will be 30 calendar days from today, 2 October 2008, the date of publication of this announcement. Documentation should be sent to the e-mail address

For those cases in which is unable to verify the information supplied on the assignment application form, regarding the industrial property rights of the applicant (point 4, “Trademark Information”, on the Forms), an e-mail will be sent requesting the appropriate documentation, which must be sent to within three calendar days of receipt of the e-mail sent by the Assignment Authority.

Once the period of 30 calendar days established for the receipt of applications has elapsed, the domain names that have not been assigned through this process will be free for assignment.