participates in a new edition of the Jamboree organised by CENTR participates in a new edition of the Jamboree organised by CENTR

Jamboree de CENTR

A representation of the team, the unit dedicated to managing the registration of websites under the country code ‘.es’, took part in the latest edition of the Jamboree organised by the Council of European National Top Level Domain Registries (CENTR) from 29 to 31 May 2024 in Copenhagen (Denmark).'s counterparts played host to an event where the Danish capital was the chosen venue to bring together most of the countries that are members of CENTR, an organisation that has 58 full members, including representing Spain, and 9 other associated entities.


"Working together is crucial, whether it is to combat online abuse or to ensure compliance with the growing regulation", highlighted Jakob Truelsen, CEO of, during the opening of the Jamboree to highlight the importance of collaboration within CENTR for all national registries.


Juan Vicente Rodríguez, Deputy Director of, explained that "at we share this idea and firmly believe in cooperation and in the CENTR community, which is why we are dedicated to taking our shared initiatives to the next level".


During the three days of the 2024 Jamboree, representatives of the different geographic top-level domain (ccTLD) registries discussed political, technical and legal aspects related to this global industry at various round tables.


The participants in CENTR's annual event were also able to share ideas and combine forces among all the ccTLD attendees in important areas such as the implementation of the European NIS2 Directive, the fight against DNS abuse and updates to the ISAC TLD, as well as making progress on sustainability strategies, Internet governance, registrar audits, the use of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, the European Digital Identity and practical cases for dealing with cybersecurity crises.


"It has been three days of intense and fruitful discussions with all our colleagues from the sector gathered in Copenhagen, from we would like to thank our colleagues from Punktum.DK for such a good organisation and CENTR for creating such a diverse and relevant content grid, see you in the 2025 edition", remarked Juan Vicente Rodríguez at the end of the Jamboree.

(*) Image extracted from the Instagram account