Reuse of Public Sector Information (RPSI)

Spanish Royal Decree 1495/2011, of 24 October, developing Spanish Law 37/2007, of 16 November, regarding the State public sector, establishes the obligation of the bodies of the General State Administration Services and other bodies and entities referred to by said legislation to approve “... their own plans for measures to promote the reuse of public sector information through electronic channels within the scope of their own areas of competence”.
The Open Data Initiative is governed by said Plan of Measures to Promote Reuse; open data is a philosophy and practice seeking to ensure that certain public data are freely available to all, without copyright restrictions, patents or other mechanisms of control. The data are published in a raw format (unprocessed) and in formats that facilitate reuse.
Within the framework applicable to .es domains, a text file is available for download containing a list of active ‘.es’ domain names. Furthermore, for those cases where the owner is a legal entity, the file also includes the name of the owner and their NIF (Spanish tax code). This file will be updated on a monthly basis. These files will be accessed upon request and their use will be regulated according to the actions defined in the resolution.