In order to act against electronic fraud perpetrated on ".es" domain names, the Public Corporate Entity (hereinafter referred to as ""), in collaboration with the Spanish National Institute for Cybersecurity (hereinafter referred to as "INCIBE"), an organisation that investigates all types of electronic fraud, focusing mainly on cases related to domain names under the ".es" country code, wishes to highlight the following:   
  • Whenever a possible case of phishing has been identified, users can report the case to INCIBE, by means of the mailbox Once INCIBE has received the information and the nature of the case has been determined, INCIBE will contact all the entities involved to assist in the early detection of phishing, enabling each agent to take the measures they consider appropriate and, in accordance with the “.es” Protocol, will communicate the case to in order to initiate the cancellation procedure for the domain names affected.
  • Once has received reports of one or a number of cases of phishing found on web pages under the ".es" country code, the Assignment Authority, through administrative channels, will initiate cancellation procedures, regulated by Chapter V of the Instruction from the Director General of the Public Corporate Entity, which implements the procedures applicable to the assignment and other operations associated with the registration of domain names under the ".es" country code.
  • The purpose of this procedure is to block the domain name for the duration of said procedure and to ascertain if there has been any breach of the conditions of assignment and use of the domain name under the ".es" country code, issuing a decision either to uphold or dismiss the case. If the case is upheld, the domain name will be taken from the title holder and becomes free to be assigned to another party.
  • has no powers, other than those indicated above, to act against cases of phishing. As phishing is a type of fraud, a crime defined within the Penal Code, criminal jurisdiction has more powers in this respect.
  • Although INCIBE collaborates with National Security Forces (hereinafter referred to as “FSCE”), providing additional information for their investigations when so required, cases must be reported to the FSCE by the affected parties themselves via the various authorised channels. These can be found on the INCIBE.