Qué solicitar

You can freely apply for any of the following domains:
Automatically assigned domains:
  • ".es", to identify your name, company or organisation on the Internet. Examples:
    • whateveryoulike.es
    • myname.es
    • mycompany.es
    • myorganisation.es
  • “.com.es” for any kind of low cost activity, for example, concert.com.es
  • “.nom.es”, for your name, for example johnsmith.nom.es
  • “.org.es” for your organisation, for example, charity.org.es
Domains requiring prior verification:

The ".gob.es" and ".edu.es" provide public institutions and bodies and institutions in the field of education and research within Spain with an Internet identity. These domains require prior verification and take a maximum of 24 hours to be registered.

  • “.edu.es” if you are an officially recognised educational organisation, for example, xxxschool.edu.es
  • “.gob.es” Reserved for governmental bodies, for example ministry.gob.es
Your “.es” domain will be assigned on a first come, first served basis - the first to apply for a domain will obtain the assignation. You should also remember that: