Through a Registrar

Registrars operate within a framework of free competition with reduced prices, offering you several added benefits and value-added services, such as server hosting, web pages, e-mail addresses and patent registration, which make the process of registering and renewing your domain easier.
At we actively promote the figure of the accredited registrar. They offer additional services at the best prices.
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Direct registration is only available for very specific situations that do not require intermediaries due to special circumstances. Direct registration through only provides the domain name (no additional services) and, because of the special conditions, comes at a higher price regulated by internal instruction. At we strongly recommend that you contact our accredited registrars.
If you decide to register your ".es" domain through, the Fee Schedule establishes the following amounts:
  • Domain names assigned automatically
Type Register* Renewal*
.es €33.38 €33.38 €14.08 €14.08 €14.08 €14.08 €14.08 €14.08


  • Domain names requiring verification in advance
Type Register* Renewal* €36,51 €36,51 €36,51 €36,51

* VAT included



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