Cancellation procedure

An ".es" domain can be cancelled either by the Registry ( or at the request of a party in the following cases:
a) When the names of the “.es” domain are requested by individuals or organisations with no legal personality that have no interests or maintain no links with Spain. (see link)
b) When the beneficiaries of ".es" domain names consisting solely of surnames or a combination of given names and surnames are not directly related to those names.
c) When the holder of the domain, following a request from the Assignment Authority, cannot reliably show within the period provided for this purpose that the data in the Register are true and correct.
d) When the rules and technical conditions established by the Assignment Authority for the proper operation of the ".es" domain names system are not complied with.
e) When the ".es" domain names assigned are in breach of the syntax rules set out in section one of provision eleven of the Domain Names Plan or any of the other assignment conditions provided for this purpose in the aforementioned Plan.
f) When an ".es" domain name has been declared to be of general interest by resolution of the President of in compliance with the provisions of the Instruction for establishing the procedure of reassigning domain names declared to be of general interest. (List of reassigned domain names
If you believe that any of the cases previously listed is applicable to an “.es” domain, you can request cancellation by accessing the Domain management system with your identifier and password and selecting the "Cancel Domain Request" option.
Take into account that you will have to duly demonstrate non-compliance with the assignment conditions under the terms previously set out, as well as the legitimate interest of the applicant in accordance with the terms in the Instruction for establishing the procedure of cancelling ".es" domains.
To submit your request, you must identify yourself in one of the following ways:

·         Electronic DNI/Certificate*.

·         Photocopy of DNI or other certifying document.

For further information about this procedure, please check the User Manual.


*Please note:
You need a digital signature such as the electronic DNI (DNIe) or another issued by any of the following certification authorities: CERES (Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre), Consejo General de la Abogacía Espanola, Consejo General de la Abogacía Española, Autoridad de Certificación de la Comunidad Valenciana, Camerfirma (Chambers of Commerce), IZENPE (Basque Regional government), Agencia Catalana de Certificación (CatCert), Ecofirma (Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism )... [Read more +]