Ministerial Order ITC/1542/2005, dated 19 May, approving the National Plan for Internet Domain Names under the country code for Spain (".es") came into effect on 1 June 2005.
The purpose of this Plan is to make the regulations regarding the assignment of ".es" domain names completely flexible.
Some of the most relevant points include:
  • A domain is assigned automatically if it is available (except "" and "").
  • Any individual or legal entity with interests in or ties to Spain has the right to acquire the domain.
  • Different restrictions included previously have been eliminated.
Domain Names Plan in pdf
The regulation of the country-specific top level domain ".es" is supplemented by the following list of provisions.
Section Seven of the National Domain Names Plan establishes that the Public Business Entity has approved a list of prohibited terms and four lists of reserved terms.
These lists were approved in the Instruction from the Chairman of the Public Business Entity dated 12 September 2005, and, by virtue of section four of said Instruction, they have been completed and updated by:

    The following are the approved lists:

    • The list of prohibited terms includes a reduced, updated list of Internet terms whose use as a domain name, due to the possibility of causing confusion, is prohibited.