Main Procedures of Use
  1. Articles 16 and 17 and Definition of "name " and "address" detailed in Appendix II of the Law 32/2003, of November, 3, Telecommunication General
Associated regulation
  1. The Sixth Supplementary Treaty ("Assignment systems for domain names type ".es") of the Law 34/2002, of July 11, for Information and Electronic Commerce Society Services
  2. The Sixteenth Supplementary Treaty ("Law Project for domain names on the network") of the Law 17/2001, of December 7, of Trademarks
  3. The Eighteenth Supplementary Treaty ("Procedure of assigning names and addresses to domains with the country code of Spain (.es)") of the Law 14/2000, of December, 29, of the Fiscal, Administrative and Social Order Measures such as that modified in article 70 of Law 24/2001, of December, 27 of Fiscal, Administrative and Social Measures
  4. The Sixth Supplementary Treaty ("Public Business Entity"), of the law 11/1998, of April 24, Telecommunications General
  5. Resolution of February 10, 2000, of the Secretary General for Communications, in which the Government Entity of the Spanish Technical Network is nominated as competent authority of the Register for Internet domain names with country code of Spain
Regulation not in force
  1. PRE/1641/2005 order of May 31, approving the new fees for assigning and renewal of Internet domain names with the country code of Spain (".es"). New fees for assigning and renewal of domain names of type ".es", coming into force as of June 7, 2005
  2. The article 27.13 of the Royal Decree 1651/1998, of July 24 in which the Ruling is approved establishing Title II of Law 11/1998, of April 24,, Telecommunications General, relating to the interconnection and access to public networks and numeration
  3. Resolution of the Director General of the Business Public Entity that approves the models for declaration, periods of time and payment of the fee for the assignment of the limited resource of domain names and Internet addresses Appendix 1 (assignment model) and Appendix 2 (renewal model)


Syntax regulations

The only characters allowed for use in a domain name are:
  • Those belonging to the Spanish alphabet: from a to z.
  • Digits from 0 to 9
  • The dash: - (Cannot be either the first or the last character in the name).
  • Multilingual characters "á,à, é,è,í,ï,ó,ò,ú,ü,ñ,ç,l·l"
Domain names are not case-sensitive.
The maximum and minimum length of the domain name are:
  • Second-level domains: the maximum is 63 and the minimum is 3
  • Third-level domains: the maximum is 63 and the minimum is 2