To apply for the accreditation as a .es Registrar you must follow this procedure:
1.    Fill out the Data Form, and submit the Contrac generated.
As soon as we received the Contract, will give you instructions on how to submit the additional documentation.
2. will verify that the applicant has properly accredited compliance with all the obligations required for the contract to take effect, the contract will be signed by C.E.O, and sent to the applicant for his signature.
The person, who has accredited power of attorney granted by the organization concerned with accreditation, must sign a copy of the contract on all pages, including the documents annexed to the contract, and send it back to
3.         An invoice will then be issued by corresponding to the registration fee to act as an Accredited Registrar. The invoice will be sent to the applicant by postal mail and payment must be made to the account of the Public Corporate Entity indicated for this purpose (section 2.1 of Clause Two of the Contract).
4.         Once the registration fee has been received, will verify that the applicant complies with all the technical obligations stipulated in the contract and that access the ".es" domain name management tool correctly and will then include that organisation on the List of Accredited Registrars in the "es" Domain Name Register, finalising the accreditation procedure.