Identity / Language

The Internet services offered on ".es" domains are associated with Spanish-speaking culture, which is an essential part of the identity of these services.


The Internet services identified by ".es" domains are provided by individuals or organisations with ties to Spain, which guarantees their proximity to Spanish users. At the same time, is a public Spanish entity within Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, closely linked to the needs of Internet users who use ".es" domains. provides a user support service that answers any request for information on 902 010 755 or by e-mail at

More possibilities in Internet search engines

Good positioning in search engines such as "Google", "Yahoo" or "MSN" has a lot to do with having a country-specific domain such as ".es". With an ".es" domain, you will reach an outstanding position in the leading search engines.

Service reliability and quality

The ".es" domains Registry, managed by the Public Business Entity, provides the ".es" domain registration service in accordance with the generally accepted market standards for reliability and quality. Also, at no extra cost, provides an optional secondary DNS server, which guarantees your presence on the Internet.

Flexibility and speed

Thanks to the flexibility of the ".es" domain registration criteria established in the National Plan for ".es" Domain Names, the time it takes to register ".es" domains is just a matter of minutes: in fact, it is practically instantaneous.


The current fees are very competitive and are even lower than those offered for other generic domains. The accredited Registrars offer solutions that meet your needs at a low cost.