The domains will display the "Activated" status from the moment they are approved. They will be approved immediately, except in the case of

secure domains “”, “” and “reserved”.
- Renewal of domain at any time, without the need to wait for the expiration date.
- Temporary deactivation in Renewal.
The domain name will be temporarily deactivated on the Expiration Date.
Once the domain name has been temporarily deactivated, the administrative or sales contacts will have 5 days in which to pay the renewal fee. If payment is not made and once 10 days have elapsed since the expiration date, the domain will be cancelled.
- E-mail will be sent to the administrative contact person in processes in which their authorisation is required (transfers, cancellations, etc.).
The administrative contact must "accept" or "cancel" the request within 10 days by clicking on the corresponding option in the e-mail; the administrative contact person does not need to access the .es domains website with the ID details.
- Domain holders will be able to edit the details registered in their ID (only those permitted) and change the administrative contact person.
- Modification of contact details for domains managed by an accredited registrar.
To facilitate the service accredited registrars offer their customers, the registrars will be able to edit the profiles of contacts for the domains they manage.
- Payment means
Only the payment methods integrated in Banco Santander’s payment platform “Viapago” will be maintained.
- Change in the deadline for carrying out a domain cancellation request.
The cancellation request will be carried out within 10 days from the date on which confirmation of the request is received from the administrative contact, and no operations of any kind may be carried out on the domain during this period.
- It will not be possible to consult the back records of domains prior to the date on which the new version is launched. This data can be requested via e-mail addressed to
All accredited registrars have been informed in detail and sufficiently in advance regarding the domain management changes.
If you have any questions or queries, please contact us by e-mail: