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SW Hosting & Communications Technologies, S.L. Behind ServeisWeb is a company history going back to 1990 and a team of enterprising professionals who make everything work, ensuring maximum customer satisfaction. ServeisWeb is a business dedicated to creating resources and services for the Internet and IP networks. Our specialisation is backed by our extensive and growing portfolio of customers, who have placed their trust in our professionalism and know-how from the start.

Additional services:

We have our own Data Centre and first-rate infrastructure to offer advanced Internet solutions. Our growth strategy goes hand-in-hand with turnkey solutions and building an extensive network of partners globally. Our specialisation and market knowledge, together with a team of people always ready to give of their best, have enabled us to grow and evolve in a constantly changing market. Today, we have a wide range of solutions to offer. Hosting, dedicated servers and housing. Web, e-mail and server services. e-Live: Platform for radio and television broadcasting over the Internet eBox: Multimedia content management platform for on-demand Internet services. e-nlace: High quality point-to-point transmission services for radio and television. e-Shop: Platform for creating transactional websites, virtual catalogues and online shops.