Activity description: was established by Softec and, a global domain registrar accredited by the ICANN, whose international status is guaranteed by its listing on the Nasdaq exchange (RCOM Nasdaq). At, we provide registration, management and consultancy services to major corporations that need to have their online brands managed professionally. At the same time, we are the division of Register that tends to the needs of the entire Spanish-speaking community in the area of new information technologies. Through personalised assistance and 24/7 technical support, meets the needs of both conventional customers and their distribution channels. These distributors enjoy a privileged position in registering and renewing domains, as well as complete control of their customers' domains.

Additional services:

Thanks to our experience and professional resources we are able to offer our customers the latest world-class technology, with no limits on their requirements or needs. The solutions offered to customers cover a wide range of services, including: * Web services o Web hosting/housing o DNS and e-mail service + 3 free e-mail accounts with DNS service for each new domain o Web architecture o Website promotion * Security o Hardware solutions o Security certificates o E-mail backup o Data protection * E-commerce o B2B solutions o B2C solutions * Consultancy o INET solutions o Intranet and management.