Activity Description:

Name ISP is an ICANN-accredited registrar that registers all the world's top-level domains directly through the website. Name ISPs also offer Premium DNS and Domain Management, for those who want to gather all your domains in one place.

We always strive to be accredited registrars in as many places as possible in the world, and to always offer a good and prompt support for our customers and partners. We have been in the domain market since 2003, and we are currently in the expansion phase in Spain and Latin America.

What makes us unique?

A lot of companies offer domain name registration. But very few does it the way we do:

• We are driven by a passion for domain names and have specialized in registration and maintenance of ALL open top level domains.

• We keep updated with all rules and regulations for the top level domains and we continue to  monitor trends in the business in order to provide the best service for you.

• Name ISP is also one of the first Nordic ICANN-accredited registrars.

This makes us one of very few companies in the world who are capable of registering domain names in all open top level domains.

The result for our customers:  Simple, safe and quick domain name management on a global basis.


Additional services

We offer registration of all the domain extensions of the world: territorial and generic. We also offer services such as DNSSEC, automatic renewal, domain Management for large domain portfolios, DNS Premium, escrow, Whois Shield, domain acquisition service and legal services.