Activity description:

Masmovil Ibercom is an Internet Services Provider which operates throughout Spain. We offer both global and personal solutions, making WWW Ibercom the right choice as the sole provider for all Internet Services. Domain registration, website and shared e-mail hosting, Internet housing solutions with WWW Ibercom's infrastructure and personalised solutions with your own equipment in our latest-generation Internet Data Centre (Co-location). At WWW Ibercom, the Quality of our Service is our number one priority, as evidenced by our constant improvement through AENOR's ISO 9002 Quality Certification.

Additional services:

Internet access: Access services with ADSL, SDSL, Frame Relay dedicated lines and point-to-point high-speed, ISDN, modem, roaming modem, VPN (Virtual Private Networks), Voice over IP services (VOIP). Hosting: ONLINE domain registration, using our tool, where you can register your domains in a simple and convenient manner, managing all of your domains' features. Web and e-mail hosting services. Dedicated hosting and housing services, co-location services. Consultancy and engineering services: Study, development and rollout of national and international data and Internet projects, high-availability systems, critical applications and ASP services in our latest-generation Internet Data Centre. We have one of the largest data and Internet networks in Spain, as well as the most modern Internet Data Centre in which we also maintain exchange agreements with the Linx (London), Espanix (Madrid) and Euskonix (Bilbao) internet exchange points, which provides us with an Internet network visibility of the highest quality.