Activity description:

EuroDNS was established in 2002 and has its head office in Luxembourg. As evidence of its internationalisation, EuroDNS has a number of subsidiaries in different European countries. Specialising in the registration of domain names from nearly all of Europe, EuroDNS is an independent registrar in direct contact with the national registries. One of the features of EuroDNS is that it has customers all over the world, which is possible because registering domain names is very easy. Thanks to centralised domain management, it is easy for the customer to manage their different domains. With a single account (which means that a single password can be used to manage domains in 23 European countries and other generic domains). That makes it easier to control expiry dates, administration and any modification operations that can be carried out for a domain name. Most of the domains are registered automatically, which is why the registration process is so quick and the prices so low. To make this easier and more accessible to everyone, is translated into 12 different languages. EuroDNS has a dynamic team of 15 people available to provide customer assistance. The team is multilingual and can communicate in 9 different languages. In the event of a problem, technical support is always available by e-mailing The reply will be quick and provided by domain name professionals.

Additional services:

EuroDNS has high quality services such as free, professional and dynamic IP DNS Servers, e-mail redirection and free web forwarding. AsiaDNS is a sister company specialising in the registration of Asian domain names.