About DomainProfi GmbH:
DomainProfi GmbH is a domain reselling service in Germany that is accredited to a large number of Registries and offers a broad variety of domain related services. Using the experience we have gained from managing our own domain portfolio of over 200,000 domain names we are more than ready to handle any kind of domain related business.
About nicsell and CatchTiger:
While dealing with more than tens of thousands of domains on a daily basis and having accumulated more than half a decade's worth of experience as a dropcatcher we became a leading figure in the German market. Initially starting out as a minor project, now there is no one person that is able to forego nicsell.com when it comes to expired domain names in Germany. This serves as a strong foothold for extending our services beyond our borders.
The addition of the Dutch dropcatcher CatchTiger has only encouraged us to also offer our services for the Spanish. For our most recent addition as well as for any of our other projects we strive for nothing less than reliability, security and transparency in their most customer satisfactory forms.