Activity description:

Argored has been managing internet services since 1995. In 2002, it became a modern Data Centre, with over 1,000 servers worth of capacity. We have a department dedicated exclusively to domain management, with conscientious and personalised customer service that ensures total availability of the services our customers request. 24/7 technical and business support in domain creation, transfer and rollout.

Additional services:

ArgoRed makes a wide range of products available to you at very competitive market prices. Hosting, Housing, Dedicated Servers, Virtual Servers, Domain Registration, etc. Hosting plans that meet most needs, ranging from personal plans for small websites to complete virtual hosting with a capacity for hundreds of domains. Housing plans offering fully administered high-performance servers for hire or enabling you to bring your own servers to our facilities. We have a specially designed room for servers in tower and even desktop format. You can also purchase a complete standard 19" 46U server rack. External backup services on DVD, SSL security certificates and SMS messaging platforms are just a few examples from the catalogue of services that we offer.