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AppDetex helps brand owners, app developers and intellectual property experts tackle the ever-changing and time consuming process of online detection, assessment, domain management and enforcement of online infringements. AppDetex makes domain name research, monitoring, and management of hundreds of new and legacy TLDs easier than ever, for even the largest portfolios.


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AppDetex's Corporate Registrar Platform is uniquely designed to help its customers protect their most valuable online assets. AppDetex’s secure, state of the art software helps them protect their domain name portfolio with leading-edge security software to secure, control, and manage the domain portfolio. AppDetex's expert team helps customers through the registrar accreditation process and as well as the implementation of the platform software.


AppDetex's global solutions are used by some of the world’s leading companies to combat misuse of their intellectual property across the Internet and through the management and protection of their valuable domain portfolios.