Activity description:

1 & 1 Internet Spain SLU is a Spanish company leader in hosting and web hosting. Our wide variety of domain registration, hosting and servers allows us to adapt to the needs of SMEs, professionals and individuals, both experts and beginners. In 1 &1 we have more than 9 million contracts, a domain registrar than 10 million and manage over 70,000 servers worldwide among our four data centers, and are gunned down by our consolidated international experience in USA, UK, Germany, France, Romania and Austria.

Additional services:

In 1&1 we have a wide range of classic services and advanced solutions. Offer include: Domain Registration, Hosting or Web Hosting, Servers (dedicated or virtual Dynamic Cloud), Creation of online stores. 1 &1 also forms part of the small group of Microsoft Joint Development Partners, and has other distinguished partners, such as Google, Parallels or Symantec, among others.