Availability is a key factor when choosing and registering a domain. In the case of .es, availability is a clear competitive advantage, as it is a less saturated domain in comparison with others such as .com, .net or .org to name but a few. So when registering a domain for your business, your project or your personal digital identity, it is much more likely that the name you have chosen will be available under the .es code and this is not the case under other first level codes.

Furthermore, the .es domain is a great way to improve the perception of your personal or business identity on the network, as well as making it more professional. Your internet presence will be boosted and this will have a direct impact on your credibility and the trust users place in your website.

The example of Juan:

Juan López is a cycling fan. He has a blog where he writes about his passion on a daily basis. The blog is called agolpedepedal.bloguipress.com, as Juan initially hosted his blog on a free blog network. This space is managed through his email address juanl81@jetmail.com. Both the url of the blog and Juan’s email contain tags that offer no information and lack added value. This makes them hard to remember and does not offer a very distinctive image. For this reason Juan decided to make his on-line presence more professional and registered the domain agolpedepedal.es, where he hosts his blog and also has his new email account: juan@agolpedepedal.es. Juan is still the same, and his blog too, but user perception is much more positive and professional.

Juan is a made up example, but it is a real example of how a .es domain can help generate our personal and business identity on the Internet. If you wish to take the plunge and register your .es digital identity, please follow the steps below:

Welcome to .es