A delegation from the Swedish Top Level Domain Registry (.se) visited Spain last week to learn about the Dominios.es management model and to share experiences in this field. During the visit, the Swedish delegation received detailed information about Dominios.es from several viewpoints: organization, marketing, operations, legal, quality, technical department, etc.

The meeting was used to highlight some issues that affect both organizations, such as corporate management, privacy management, quality standards, users support, operational processes or the use of technology to streamline the service.

The Swedish “.se” Registry is a European pioneer in the implementation ofDNSSEC and IPV6, two subjects in which Dominios.es has also been working for a long time. In this context, their experience and best practices are very helpful for the Spanish “.es” Registry. The “.se” Registry is managed by "The Internet Infrastructure Foundation", which promotes the use of Internet among the society. The Swedish delegation showed great interest in the model ofRed.es as a catalyst of the Information Society in Spain.

Meetings like this are very useful for both organizations as they help to continuously improve processes and services offered to users