At the end of 2013, a total of 1,696,538 “.es” domains were registered. Management of these Internet domain names assigned under the country code for Spain is entrusted to the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism through the public entity This figure compares with a total of 1,614,149 in the previous year and reflects an increase of 5.1%.

“.es” domains continue to be the suffix of choice for the majority of those registered in Spain, with a market share of almost 50% (48.83%). This compares with “.com” domains at 36.31%; “.net” domains (4.81%); “.org” domains (3.22%); “.eu” domains (3.02%); “.cat” domains (2.05%); “.info” domains (1.36%); and “.biz” domains (0.4%).

There are 3,474,272 Internet domains registered in Spain, reflecting an increase of only 0.45% on 2012. This, albeit slight, positive result stems from the performance by “.es” domains given that all other suffixes, except “.cat”, posted negative growth. The number of “.com” domains fell by 3.84%; “.net” domains by 7.03%; “.org” domains by 6.01%; “.eu” domains by 0.25%; “.info” domains by 7.85%; and “.biz” domains by 12.94%.

As regards the origin of the active “.es” domains, it should also be noted that 1,458,268 were registered from within Spain (85.96%) while 238,270 were registered overseas (14.04%).
Madrid, Catalonia and Andalusia, the regions with the most “.es” domains

Of the total number of “.es” domains registered from within Spain, the majority belong to citizens, companies or institutions in the autonomous regions of Madrid, Catalonia, Andalusia and Valencia.

At the end of 2013, the distribution by region and autonomous city is as follows: Madrid, 376,131 “.es” domains (25.79% of the total in Spain); Catalonia, 222,153 (15.23%); Andalusia, 198,855 (13.64%); Valencia, 171,807 (11.78%); Galicia, 75,176 (5.16%); Castile-Leon, 59,519 (4.08%); Basque Country, 49,550 (3.4%); Canary Islands, 46,256 (3.17%); Murcia, 40,931 (2.81%); Castile-La Mancha, 40,828 (2.8%); Aragon, 38,906 (2.67%); La Rioja, 32,746 (2.25%); Balearic Islands, 28,858 (1.98%); Asturias, 26,812 (1.84%); Extremadura, 18,927 (1.3%); Navarre, 15,188 (1.04%); Cantabria, 14,097 (0.97%); Ceuta, 808 (0.06%); and Melilla, 720 (0.05%).


101 “.es” domain accredited registrars

Although “.es” domains are managed through the public entity, they are actually registered through accredited registrars. A total of 101 accredited registrars currently operate with “.es” domains.

These companies are accredited to perform all procedures relating to “.es” domains and offer a series of added-value services (hosting, associated e-mail accounts, website development tools, etc.). A complete list of all accredited registrars can be found at

The statistics on “.es” domains are drawn up using data taken from the databases of;, a company that gathers data on top-level domains; and the puntCAT Foundation.