More than 1,200,000 citizens and businesses now have .es digital presence. A .es domain and web package (.es domain, web hosting, email…) can be obtained quickly and simply through the distribution channel accredited by (Accredited Registrars). Said accredited channel is there to offer you advice and to help you find the .es domain value-added services that are best suited to your needs. Look for the official seal!:

The growth of .es accredited registrars has continued steadily over recent years. Most of the registrars are Spanish, 62%, the rest are spread between other countries, notably Germany (12%) and France (7%)
There are many different kinds of accredited registrar. They include hosting providers, ISPs, web developers, Patents and Trademarks, wholesalers, etc. Each one has a different strategy with regard to price and the services/products offered associated with the .es domain.
In Spain there is a marked concentration in the .es registration market. The .es accredited registrars with the highest number of domains are 1&1 and Arsys and they distribute 26.93% of all the active .es domains registered.
Around 80% of .es domains are managed by 15 accredited registrars. Each of them had between 25,000 - 163,000 active domains in August 2010. Arsys held pole position for years but recently 1&1 took the number one spot. We will be closely monitoring the evolution of these and the rest of our .es accredited registrars in future posts.
The concentration of domains is significant. However, other accredited registrars with fewer .es domains play a valuable role in ensuring that an increasing number of businesses and citizens have .es digital presence.
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