- The "Jóvenes en Red" (Networked Young People) programme enables young people, especially professionals and entrepreneurs with a business project, to make their projects accessible to everybody via the internet

- The scheme includes registering a ".es" domain and associated complementary services such as electronic mail, hosting, web design templates and help and support to create their own websites
- Young people interested in the programme may register their .es domain until 23 December via the programme website www.jovenesenred.es
Madrid, 30 November 2009. The Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade has launched the "Jóvenes en Red" (Networked Young People) programme via red.es, to enable young people, especially professionals and entrepreneurs with a business project, to obtain their ".es" domain and make their projects accessible to everybody via the internet. Those interested can obtain their own ".es" digital presence until 23 December via the programme website www.jovenesenred.es.
Young people who acquire their ".es" domain through this scheme will also obtain a series of associated complementary services enabling them to create their digital presence in a simple way and to launch their projects on the internet with confidence. These associated services include: electronic mail, web hosting, web design templates, file transfer, help and support, among others. What is an ".es" domain
An ".es" domain is the internet address of a company, organisation or personal website which enables information, products and/or services to be accessible worldwide at any given moment. Behind an ".es" domain is an important company and an interesting story. Currently, more than 1,100,000 people and enterprises have an ".es" digital personality, which are part of a present-day society but are also ready for the society of the future. Each ".es" domain is a gateway to the information society and attracts a potentially large number of contacts, clients and suppliers.
Business people are increasingly aware of the need for their business to be present in the real world and in the virtual world by making it accessible to everybody 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.
How to obtain a ".es"
To request an ".es" domain and the added services associated with it (electronic mail, website hosting, etc.), carry out the following steps:
Select one of our Accredited Registrars participating in this scheme.
Select a ".es" domain name.
Complete the application form with the data requested.
The ".es" Accredited Registrars are officially certified companies by red.es, of the State Secretariat for Telecommunications and the Information Society under the Ministry of Industry, and they offer the highest guarantees.
In addition to the ".es" domain, these Accredited Registrars provide a series of associated services such as: electronic mail, web hosting and data transfer services, among others.
Advantage of having an Internet presence with ".es"
Identity: ".es" domains are identified with Spain, the Spanish language and Spanish culture. ".es" is the domain that supports an identity on the Internet.
Geographic locator: within the globalisation of Internet, having an ".es" website indicates various specific associations and leads visitors to visit a certain site compared to other generic indicators. If a website is an ".es", it will be found and given a preferential position in search engines as this is a factor that they use to position websites.
Equal opportunities: the transforming and integrating effect of the Internet makes access to information democratic, providing equal opportunities and possibilities for communication.
Accessibility: an ".es" domain makes a project, idea, product or service accessible to everyone at any given moment. An ".es" presence provides a showcase for any business, which is always ready to welcome and serve its contacts and customers.
Image: an ".es" presence positions a business as a professional enterprise on the Internet and gives it its own identity and consistency.
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