As registrant  of a .es domain name, you may receive or have received a notification from or its Accredited Registrar relating to the need to update the data associated with your ".es" domain. We would ask that you take your time and follow the instructions received to fully guarantee that your domain name is correctly registered. This will avoid problems identifying the beneficiary, ensuring compliance with the requirements for exercising the right to use your ".es" domain name. Over the last few weeks various registrants of ".es" domain names and agents in the sector have enquired about data associated with ".es" domain registration. Therefore, we need to remind you that it is compulsory that the data provided are correct, truthful and updated at all times.

Additional provision six of Law 34/2002, of 11 July, on Information Society and E-commerce Services, provides that the National Domain Names Plan includes the precautions needed to minimise the risk of error or confusion between users in relation to registrants’ truthful identity. Furthermore, this additional provision highlights that the criteria for assigning ".es" domain names must also guarantee a suitable balance between the legal trust and security needed to carry out e-commerce and other services and activities by electronic means, and the flexibility and agility required to satisfy the demand for assigning ".es" domain names. Developing these regulations, the current National Domain Names Plan, in its paragraph Thirteen, provides that applicants for a domain name must provide their identification details, are responsible for their truthfulness and accuracy, and must inform the assignment authority immediately of any changes to such data.

The content of the previous paragraph translates into the obligation on a ".es" domain name applicant (individual or body with or without legal personality) to provide, amongst others, their full name (and, in the case of individuals, surnames), a valid e-mail address, their Tax ID Number, National Identity Document or other equivalent official identification document, although the latter is not publicly shown on 'who is' consultations made using the portal.

Therefore, it is worth remembering the, a public body managing ".es" domains, is under the obligation to ensure compliance with the regulations and, therefore, carries out supervisory work on the data provided by users and demands truthfulness and updating if possible shortcomings or inaccuracies are detected.

It is important to highlight that the Assignment Authority may cancel any domain names whose registration conditions infringe these conditions or others provided for by regulations on ".es" domains, after a meeting with the beneficiaries of the affected domain name and in accordance with the cancellation procedure set out in paragraph twenty, et seq, of the Instruction from the Chief Executive Officer of, of 2 January 2010, which sets out the procedures applicable to assignment and other transactions associated with the Register of ".es" domain names.

You can see the regulations applicable to ".es" domains here.